All That I Am

Having decided to go ahead with this project and knowing I wanted to name the brand ‘All That I Am’, determining a logo became the focus. One night, unable to sleep, I found myself lighting a couple of candles, pulling out a big pad of newsprint paper, together with some charcoal, and sitting down on the floor to brainstorm. After playing unsuccessfully with a number of ideas I simply let my hand go.

Out of nowhere came a little prompting to turn the charcoal on its side. A couple of fluid strokes later I recognized the infinity symbol in front of me. I laughed, wrote ‘All That I Am’ right over the symbol and a rather triumphant ‘yes’ beside the image, like an official seal of approval. That very middle of the night image was then scanned, cleaned up and became the first design and the basis for the logo.

I love the way the name and logo capture the idea of defining ourselves as infinite possibility. There is also a playfulness of paradox inherent in the design. When we define something we narrow in and focus; we establish the boundaries of something. In this case, to reflect on the four small words of the logo is like approaching a doorway, by nature a very definite frame within a context, which turns out to be nothing more than an opening spilling us out into the sky like spaciousness of our being.

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