I felt almost like an air traffic controller landing this little design! It hovered in my awareness like a hummingbird, darting here and there, teasing me as it shapeshifted from vagueness into clarity.

I love how the words ‘lifesaver’ and ‘savour’ collide with one another.  You can feel the intense contrast.  There is such a sense of panic and action attached to the word ‘lifesaver’.  Something has to be done and done fast!  There is a movement towards something. In the case of ‘savour’ the feeling is the exact opposite.   Here, the movement is directed within....a falling back into what is.  It speaks to a pleasurable and exceedingly satisfying exploration of the moment at hand.

I am thrilled with the font choice for this design as it captures, so simply and elegantly, how our ‘lifesaver’ in life is to ‘savour’ resonate with appreciation for what is.

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