About All That I Am


“All That I Am” is a brand whose logo features a stylized infinity symbol graphic. Married together, text and image speak to the concept of defining ourselves as infinite possibility and each of the designs within the ‘All That I Am’ family reflects this philosophy.

I call them my ‘whisperings that walk with me’ and they are the inspiration behind this line. Tucked into and emerging from the nooks and crannies of my day, these fragments of text and accompanying imagery appear in my awareness and encourage me to trust myself and embrace the wealth of ‘All That I Am’. In accepting their invitation to descend more deeply into my own being, I find a sense of freedom expanding within. It is like I am fashioning my own set of wings from the resourcefulness of my inner landscape.

More than giving me answers, these ‘whisperings’ are like mini meditations that inspire me to ask better questions of myself and cultivate a broadened and deepened perspective. They are compassionate too; encouraging me to graciously meet myself where I am and embrace the apparent ‘light’, ‘shadow’ and every shade in between of my present moment.

I began to imagine it would be fun to give these ‘whisperings’ greater freedom to weave themselves into the fabric of my days. I wanted to give them a life beyond the jottings in my journals.  Now I enjoy finding familiar surfaces, textiles and objects within the rhythm of daily life to decorate with these designs.  Appearing here and there in my day they remind me regularly of my inherent richness.

Now, the magic lies in letting these designs go and take on a life of their own in the lives of others. After all, one person’s definition of ‘All That I Am’ is different from another’s – and isn’t that beautiful.

All the best to you, now and always, as you embrace and explore your inner infinity.

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