The Scribe Behind ‘All That I Am’

My driver’s licence will tell you my name is Louise Boultbee and my passport indicates I am a resident of Toronto, Canada. The deep enjoyment my nieces and nephews give me has confirmed for me that becoming an ‘aunt’ is truly one of the richest gifts I’ve ever been given. Family, friends and experiences shared are tremendous sources of pleasure to me. Exploring the world, dancing, walking, reading, writing and music represent a sampling of my passions.

And as much as I love my time with others, I also cherish and cultivate the refreshing pools of quiet in my life. They are my garden. Silence is my closest companion. Our time spent together nourishes all my endeavours, experiences and connections. ‘All That I Am’ flows from an ongoing conversation with stillness. It is not mine... simply mine to share.

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